Conference Theme And Topics


The Second International Conference on Mosques Architecture 2019, themed “Future: Mosque: Architecture”, covers the following topics and subtopics:

Topics: Future, Mosque, Architecture: Design and Functions

• Regional design of mosque
• Mosque architectural spaces and boundaries
• Future architectural elements of a mosque
• Community mosque in urban centres
• Mosque as social and cultural place from womb to tomb
• Mosque as living architecture and cultural heritage
• Mosque and commercial urban neighbourhoods
• Universal design in mosque architecture

Topics : Future, Mosque, Architecture: Green Architecture, Environment and Innovations

• Innovative rehabilitation of old mosques
• Innovative technologies in spiritual contemplation
• Digital mosques and environment
• Innovative Islamic aesthetic and patterns
• Innovative craftsmanship in construction
• Green architectural design strategies and policies for mosques
• Green and sustainable structures
• Communities and sustainable system